Thursday, August 13, 2009

Am I the only one that doesn't smoke weed?

I've been on a road trip for the last few weeks with Josh and our dog. Most of the trip was following Josh's dad around while he worked. He works out of town and camps in the summer to stretch living allowance. This sounds like a responsible thing to do, although he stretches his living allowance to pay for a constant supply of beer and smokes. It would be nice it he would pay off some of his huge debt or ensure mom and baby has groceries. My savings are running out fast and I don't know how I am going to get an income now that I am looking after a baby 24/7. Sometimes I miss my career as an art director in Toronto, but I don't really miss the long hours and loads of stress. 
I can deal with baby dad drinking beer sometimes, after all he does work hard and he deserves a break. As long as he doesn't turn to drugs, like so many of his friends (and him also-before I met him) We are not married or engaged and lately I'm thanking my lucky stars for that. Here I was thinking that I would be welcome to camp with him and his buddy on the road, since it was all his idea. When I got there I realized I was cramping his style. He could not smoke weed when I was there or I would be livid and leave. So he acted odd, being reserved and quiet and it made me really wonder how he acted when I am not around. When I met him, years ago, I said there are 2 things I would never stand for; cheating and drugs. He has not cheated on me, that I am pretty sure of. But he comes from a family that smokes weed so he does not see anything wrong with it. I realize now, that he is back in the habit of smoking it on a regular basic- especially since he works with his brother who is a chronic pot head. Actually all the guys he works with and all his friends are pot heads. After the pot wears off- he becomes an arrogant jerk and loses all consideration for others. He acts rude and ignorant. I told him this and he apologized, saying he's trying to quit. I was shocked to find out our neighbors, who have 2 pre-school kids smoke weed after their kids are in bed. The other neighbors smoke it occasionally. I smell it everywhere I go - especially camping, even at family sites! Even the retired couple down the street smoke it! What is going on? Am I the only person that sees a problem with this?