Monday, June 15, 2009

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi, my name is Marian and I am a first time mother. It's been a tough road, but I love it. I come from the fast-paced Toronto design/advertising world; to that of stay-at-home mom, in a small hippie mountain town. I am still dealing with the fact that my precious son has Down syndrome and that I am raising him as a single mom. One month after my son was born, my dear mother died of cancer; life and death simultaneously-what a shock!

On this blog I will cover everything and anything in regards to being a new mom. No one ever saw me as the "mom" type. My life is insane as you will soon see. I still wear a smile despite all the bad and sometimes traumatic experiences. I admit awkwardness as I move into motherhood. 

I've had a traumatic, almost fatal birth experience, which you will not believe! (Currently being reviewed by the Vancouver and Interior BC patient care center) As a result of my experience at the Vancouver Women's/Children's hospital, I have been diagnosed with postpartum depression? I will also talk about this. No subjects are off limits. Issues on this blog will also include my recent weight gain and the struggle for weight loss, miscarriage, healthy eating, recipes for baby, recipes for mom, and whatever else comes my way. 

I've traded my designer clothes for t-shirt's and flip flops. I've gone from being at the center of the social scene to being a complete loner. I'm having a hard time relating to my existing friends- who are all single and fabulous. 

Yet I strangely love the anonymity.

I welcome you to be my new friends, as I transition into this new life, different from anything I know. 

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